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Area Served
gta area
Woodstock, N4V 1E5
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Fashion Roofing Service!!15% Off Now!!
Free estimate ( Why Choose Us?)
Friendly and Courteous Reception
Prompt Service
Quality work!!
Warranty on all finished work
15 years labour warranty for Roofing/Shingle
Prompt return on all call backs
24 hour Emergency repair service

Then we fix it at the source, so it never returns. As part of our holistic approach to roofing services, Fashion Roofing is more than your average roofer. We offerprofessional advice and solutions related to:
Shingle Roofing
Flat Roofing
Siding Service
Eaves Through
Leaking Repair
1-647-995-2977 (call or Text Anytime) or visit

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