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Bauer Legal is a fully licensed and insured paralegal firm based out of Windsor ON. Tiffany Bauer is licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, a member of the Ontario Paralegal Association, and has been providing legal advocacy services for over 8 years. Tiffany proudly serves all of Ontario in Lawsuits, tribunals, and compensation board applications.
If your matter requires legal analysis, or legal representation, contact Bauer Legal today. We provide quick and prompt information for all of your legal matters. Because of advances in technology, we can handle any matter in Ontario.
We often find people are intimidated to ask questions because of the high price lawyers charge. That's why we offer a free 30 min consultations. You won't be charged anything until we have officially taken on your matter and a retainer agreement has been signed outlining all costs.
If the matter is outside of the paralegal scope of practice, we can point you towards the correct legal professional to help you. You have nothing to lose! We would delighted to assist you or point you in the right direction.

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