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For Sale : Slimers As seen on tv fishing tackle wet inorganic flesh baits

Posted on April 24, 2010 12:29 pm


Slimers are softer than the so-called soft baits, which results in livelier movement. In addition to this lively movement, Slimers flesh-like texture offers zero resistance for stronger, long lasting strikes. Furthermore, this bait is self-weighted for more accurate casts. Even better, the best part of this amazing bait is that they are hydrophylic! Slimers become completely saturated by their unique ability to absorb attractants and stimulants. Lastly, the versatile packaging allows scents to be conveniently added while retaining the bait's freshness.
of 90 % gel
absorb attractants , lake water , proteiens
dehydrateand rehratelike living flesh
gel bodies absorb and expand like a sponge
not dissolve on land or water
refrgeration ,wont spoil
movement ,texture
in 12 colours
scents and colours
So if your interested send me a email they are $ plus tax ,s/h . there is a minimum order of 3 . we will ship to anywhere .
*you can also check us out at



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