For Sale : Guns N’ Roses Pinball by Data East (1994)

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$ 6,000.00 (Negotiable)
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Guns N’ Roses pinball machine is based on the rock group Guns N’ Roses. The artwork featured photos by Robert John from his book Guns N’ Roses: The Photographic History. This game was a widebody pinball game with several unique twists. Among them, was an old fashioned revolver, which players used to start the game as opposed to the typical plunger. When a quarter was inserted, the band’s famous “Welcome to the Jungle” song (recorded from a concert) would play. Also included on the soundtrack is the Use Your Illusion outtake “Ain’t Going Down,” which is the only official release of the song. The backdrop was illuminated with lights in the shape of the famous Guns N’ Roses seal, and Axl Rose’s tattoos, featured in the Appetite for Destruction album artwork. The multi-ball can be activated when the yellow light is lit on the G ramp, this will open a trap door and send the ball into the snake pit (if the ball is shot up the ramp which is a hard shot), pulling the rose plunger will thenactivatethe multi-ball. An “R” ramp was also featured completing the “GN’R” logo.

Game Features:

Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Ramps (2), Multiball ( ), Captive Ball (1), Automatic Plunger, Manual plungers (2, one gun-shaped, one rose-shaped], Game-controlled magnets. The captive ball area is delineated in part by one side of a pop bumper. The guns ramp has a diverter that can route the ball into the Snake ramp (to be served by the Rose-shaped plunger) or to the left flipper.

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