Offering : Earn Minimum $10,000K Per Month using your LLC

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We are an India based company since 2 9 looking to partner with North Americans to expand our international outsourcing business. As you know, China is the world’s biggest product outsourcer, and India is the biggest SERVICES OUTSOURCER. You benefit financially from being our U.S. based middle agent.

This will require NO investment from your side, and you can easily expect a minimum profit of $1 , from first month onward. And the best part is that you need to do very little in order to earn this money. We will do almost all the work and share the profit with you. In order to qualify for this offer you just need to have the following things…
1. Must be a U.S., UK, Canadian or Australian Citizen.
2. Must be a Registered Company in US (Inc Or LLC). *If you are not presently an LLC, I can refer you to a company that will quickly set one up for you for around $25 .
3. Must have or establish a business bank account for your company. (With Wire Transfer Rights)
4. Must have Address and ID proof (For both company and yourself).

5. Must have decent credit history
If you have the above mentioned things and want to earn a handsome on-going amount of money while we do overwhelmingly most of the work, then feel free to email me back or contact me on any of the below details.
Act now, as there are only a few positions available.

Michael King
Business Development Manager
Cell Number and whatsapp : + 1-76 -533-1885

San Diego, California

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