For Sale : Adorable Maltese puppies for adoption!!Email ( or text (831)-512-9409

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$ 700.00 (Fixed)
12 Weeks old
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Two pure bred Korean line Maltese boys n girl- from a 1st litter are ready to go now!!.Puppies are now nearly 12 weeks old and they are beautiful with lovely fur, short muzzle look and excellent body morphology. They are growing in a loving environment next to their parents in our family environment and 2 more dogs we own. They are healthy, loving, playful with excellent temperament and very well socialised with humans and other animals. Puppies are also doing great with toilet training.Father has a pedigree and is ckc registered and comes from a long line of champion show dogs (I am not interested in showing him but his sister has just won as a show dog the title of “Best of breed”). He is very loving and also a dog of very high intelligence and intuition.Mother is the daughter of 2 current grand champions in Europe (and from a long champion line too). I do not have her pedigree but is a pure Korean line Maltese, healthy, with excellent, easy going, playful character and beautifully heavy coated in silky quality fur. Mum weights 3200kg and dad 3kg therefore pups are expected to reach similar weight or up to 3,500kg when fully grown which is the breed standard weight.Email (

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