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Riverside, 92503
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Slumlords Accountability (Riverside)Need community support to have City of Riverside hold slumlords accountable.
Property owners continually sublet rooms/beds and field for commercial use and rent primary house on residential property without any daily maintenance for over 10 years
Owners/slumlords have never and will never maintain the property. Drive by, property has the appearance of abandonment.9-0-6-7 C L E V E L A N D A V E Riverside Ca 92503Between Irving and Jackson
They have never and will never repair anything on the property because they refuse to spend monies to maintain and take care of it.
Property was once the jewel of the community, now it is only used for commercial income purposes
Property was glorious horse property. Now it is desolate and is disrepair.
Current owners/slumlords reside on property in a 'guest house' in rear that looks like a Home Depot garage kit. #4 tenant from primary house in front recently vacated - however slumlords already have room sublets moved in.
Slumlords LOVE money, that is evident in not investing or maintaining either houses or property. Property has only one purpose only to them = TO MAKE INCOME.
We are seeking out residents to hold the City accountable to hold these slumlords accountable. If these slumlords are given the privilege and authorization to rent for income then the City should ensure the property is maintained for the community and surrounding neighbors.
Please call the following individuals to file a complaint to Code Enforcement to have property maintenance resolved:
Call Center951 826 5311Code Enforcement951 826 5633Councilwoman Gaby Plascencia951 826 5328David Welch951 826 5556
Do not allow the City or any other individual dismiss your complaint or your voice...be sure your complaint is on file.
Numerous other neighbors have tried to help hold the City accountable to stop ignoring these slumlords affecting the neighborhood values and enjoyment. The more voices heard the more the City will uphold their duties to protect Riverside residents/tax payers and home owners.
ALL we have asked is for daily maintenance and nuisances resolved - the owners refuse and the City has the responsibility to hold their refusal accountable.
Again, drive by. Take a look, the appearance of their property is a reflection of who and what they are...no respect for neighbors and the community.
***If you disagree with post, its your American right to do so - however we have the right to seek support to hold City of Riverside accountable to their duties.***

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