For Sale : Great Dane Puppies For Adoption

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Great Dane
12 Weeks old
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Great Dane Puppies for Sale
Anna is a shiny black sweet little girl with a white blaze on her chest. Kisses are her favorite! She loves to cuddle and has a sassy personality. She adores tug of war and loves to chase you around the room playing tag. Her bright shining eyes will grab your attention and those cute little feet will pitter patter into your heart. Give her a little scratch behind the ear and she will be your best friend for life! Anna goes home with an AKC Puppy Packet, registration paperwork, vaccinations records with full medical information from the day she was born, a blanket that smells like her mommy and littermates to help her feel at home in her new bed, a toy she has been playing with to help make the transition, a bag of food to mix with your chosen cuisine so the baby’s tummy doesn't get upset by the change, the collar she got when she was born and a collar to go home in as well as a leash, and all the pictures of her and her littermates. Contact E-mail Address ( Text or call (252) 365-4912

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