Wanted : VAN SALES MAN URGENTLY NEEDED Contact us Via ( wisdomhotel27@gmail.com )

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Full knowledge of the nature and price of the company's products, also enough appreciation for the market needs of each SKU.
Achieve sales target as been planned by management.
Make balanced distribution of the product in order to avoid customers’ inventory decrease or inventory increase that may cause damage.
Achieve customer satisfaction and gain their trust and loyalty by regular visits from 25 to 30 visits per day with minimum 50 % succeeded visits of the whole visits
Distribute products by covering all customers in the region to achieve the highest possible market share
Focus on cash sales as much as possible to avoid any financial disputes negatively affects the work.
Optimal use of the company property he has (car, goods, other devices).
Provide daily reports plus market updates to his manager to take the appropriate decision accordingly
Increase the volume of work with clients both cases, and the search for new customers
Daily revision with sales supervisor on remained products remained to achieve the monthly target. - ( wisdomhotel27@gmail.com )

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