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Does your business operate out of a small building or house? Do you
have trouble keeping your space
adequately warm in winter, or does it overheat in summer? And are
you seeing electricity bills that climb higher and higher?

If so, a ductless heat pump might be the solution for you.

Ductless heat pumps extract heat from outdoor
air (even in winter) and distribute it indoors through a single
wall-mounted fixture
adjacent to the pump. The fixture includes a fan and fins that
direct heat around the room to ensure a consistent temperature
Some models even include sensors that pinpoint cold spots, such
as sliding glass doors, and aim more heat their way.

"The main feature to consider with ductless heat pumps
is the increased comfort to occupants," says Gary Hamer, with BC
Conservation Innovation group. "For example, if cabin and motel
owners have had complaints that a room is just too cold, this
is a good option. Often installing one in the main living space
means heat can be reduced in adjacent rooms as well."

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