Offering : Odour Removal, Disinfection, Sanitisation - Difficult and Extreme Cases; Cape Breton and Mainland NS

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Our unique approach involves utilises 5 different technologies to make the sanitisation process simple, quick and most importantly - completely harmless. We use proprietary tools that allow for removal of heavy odour, heavy smoke damage, toxic substances, pollution, as well as complete sanitisation of your premises - regardless of difficulty. Our equipment works on electricity and takes less than 2 minutes to set up. You don't even have to leave the premises - the process is highly time-efficient and entirely safe.

  • Odour - even the most persistent and potent, regardless of cause. If you are forced to sell your property at a lowered price or get rid of appliances, furniture and fixtures because of heavy odour - we provide a quick and cost-efficient solution.
  • Toxic and pollutive substances - whether as a result of construction work, fuel or waste spillage, we deal with the most difficult cases of air pollution, removing the harmful substances completely in a single short session.
  • Bacteria and viruses - our equipment is capable of killing all harmful bacteria, viruses and mold - even inside walls, without having to tear them down.


  • Remediation - removal of odours from buildings, cottages, boats, RVs and other vehicles to raise their value or improve living conditions. Whether you are looking to get rid of any kind of smell in your premises, get rid of harmful substances in the air after construction or renovation work or get rid of mold - all of that is achievable with our unique approach.
  • Disinfection - complete removal of harmful substances and air purification. Not only our technology completely eliminates even the most potent of smells, it also kills harmful bacteria and viruses as well as gets rid of mold pollution, or smoke damage of any degree; leaving the environment clean and healthy.
  • Sanitisation - extermination of harmful bacteria, viruses and mold to maintain a healthy environment. Get significant improvements in the quality of air you breathe in minutes. Perfect prevention strategy to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria.


  • Powerful unique technology - the equipment we use is completely proprietary and is highly versatile, allowing for the range of services we provide to be performed with just one machine that is portable, easy to transport and doesn't disturb your premises in any way. Once the work is complete, the environment is healthier and safer than before the sanitisation process.
  • Price - sanitisation services can get quite pricey, especially for larger premises, like offices or storage facilities. Thanks to our unique approach and proprietary equipment, we are able to drive the cost of operations low to make this service more affordable than what is currently on the market.
  • Efficiency - heavy-duty cleaning and vaporisation take a lot of time to complete and can be quite messy, especially when it comes to things like mold or odour. With our approach, the time spent on the disinfection process is greatly reduced, and is completely non-intrusive to the environment.

Pricing varies depending on the complexity of work and size of the premises.

We offer our services to both businesses and individuals. For corporate clients, we also offer a free trial - see how our technology works for yourself at no charge! If you have any questions about the methodology, range of services on offer, pricing or would like to arrange for us to come on site, please refer to the contact information below.


Phone: 902-217-0240 (Alex)


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