Service Provided For : DID YOU FILE YOUR TAX RETURN? We are here to help you! Call Today 403-313-8777

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DID YOU FILE YOUR TAX RETURN? We are here to help you! Call 403-313-8777.

Thank you Calgary, choosing your #1 company twice through Consumer Choice Award Business Excellence.

We prepare Personal and Corporate Tax Returns, simple to complicated, since 1999. Our team includes an experienced CGA, CPA and Certified Tax Consultant from Liberty Tax School, has 20 years of practical experience and is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved E-Filer for years.
We are not the cheapest in town and do not compete with other tax professionals. We do guarantee to provide quality and personal service.

We can prepare Tax return for 2018, and any previous years up to the past 10 years. We can also process an amendment to any previous year tax returns.
The entire service can be done by email and by phone. You just need to email us a scan/photo of your documents and pay the fee by e-mail transfer.

You can claim several eligible deductions to maximize your return, such as - RRSP, Dependents, Medical Expenses, Moving Expenses, Child Care Expenses, Family Caregiver Expenses, Child Fitness/Arts Amounts, Tuition and Education, Donations, Political Contributions, First Time Home buyers, Transit Passes, Interest on Student Loan, Disability, Northern Living Allowance and many more depending on your circumstance.

Our goal and commitment are for total client satisfaction.
Please Call Today at 403-313-8777 to book a convenient appointment.

CIBS Ltd. – Since 1999
Panatella Manor NW

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