For Sale : Attack From Mars by Bally (High End Restoration) For Sale

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Attack From Mars by Bally (High End Restoration)
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Contact the below email for more details:Names: Mr Roony RollandE-mail:

Ourhigh end restoration games are truly a pinball collectors dream. Each machine is completely restored to better than new condition. Pristine cabinets, backglass, and playfields arethe result of over 100 hours of detailed craftsmanship and new, high-quality materials. These highly collectable machines looks like a new machine coming off the assembly line. They also have clear-coated playfields that protect the playfield from wear and will make your showpiece last a lifetime. We are in an elite class of companies who can offer these completely restored machines.

We will collect a 50% deposit to begin restoring a machine and it takes 3-4 months to complete.

    High End Restoration Process:
  • Remove everything from Playfield and Cabinet
  • Tumble and polish all hardware
  • Sand off old cabinet artwork to bare wood
  • Bondo and repair cabinet (several times)
  • Tape off inside bottom of cabinet and paint whole cabinet
  • Prep cabinet surface for decals
  • Install decals and trim off excess
  • Set cabinet up on legs for reassembly
  • Install brand new ground braid
  • Disassemble power box and transformer, clean, paint and reassemble
  • Install new button(s), flipper button switches, new coindoor, new siderails, new lockdown bar receiver, new head head hinges, new bolts/nuts
  • Install head on cabinet
  • Disassemble backbox light board, clean harness, paint light board, and reassemble
  • Disassemble board panel, paint, rebuild and clean all boards, and reassemble
  • Disassemble speaker panel, clean/paint, install new DMD, new speaker panel plastic, reinstall in head.
  • Install cabinet harness (cleaned)

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