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Questions About Managing An Ad (Post, Edit/Delete):

Questions About Ads on The Site:

General Questions:

Do I have to register to Post an Ad?
No, you do not need to register to Post an Ad on eClassifieds4U. Simply follow the instructions below to place your Ad.

How do I Post an Ad?
Placing an Ad is completely free. And there is no charge if you sell your item on eClassifieds4U. The site is totally free, no strings attached! Posting is easy. Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Click "Post an Ad " in the blue bar at the top of all eClassifieds4U pages.
  • Choose a category for your Ad.
  • Enter a title, city, postal code and details on the product or service that you are offering. You have the option of uploading up to four photos. City and postal code is required to show the map to the user who views your Ad
  • Then enter your email address and click the "Post an Ad" button.
  • If you are logged in on the website then your ad will be activated right away. But if you are not logged in, then check your email for a message from eClassifieds4U. Click the "Activate My Ad" link in that email and your Ad will appear on the site.

How can I increase the chance of getting a good response to my Ad?
To increase the chance of getting a good response, follow these simple tips:

  • Include one or more pictures in your Ad.
  • Make the title and description as detailed as possible. For example, when selling a product include its brand, model number, condition, and features.
  • If you are flexible on price, state that you will accept "best offer".
  • Make it easy for buyer to pick up the item; let them know where the item is located and when you will be available.
  • Tell your friends about eClassifieds4U. The more people who use eClassifieds4U, the more responses you’ll get!

Why am I being told that I posted too many Ads today?
There is a limit of 15 Ads per person. This restriction is in place to prevent users from "spamming" the site. If you would like to post more than 15 Ads, please contact us.

Why have I not received a confirmation email?
If you have not received your confirmation email, first check any "Bulk" or "Junk" email folders in your mailbox to see if the confirmation email from was sent there. If you still can't find the email, click here to get the confirmation email resent to you.

Why does the map on my Ad not show the correct address?
This may occur if you did not enter a proper postal code and city when you posted your Ad. To fix this problem, edit your Ad and be sure to list your correct postal code and city. To learn how to edit your Ad, click here.

Why was my Ad removed from the site?
There are several reasons why an Ad may have been removed from the site including:

  • The Ad violated our terms and conditions.
  • Users flagged the Ad as being spam or offensive.
  • The Ad expired automatically after 60 days of it being posted.

How long do Ads last on the site?
Ads are automatically removed from the site 60 days after being posted.  You can however remove your Ad from the site at any time or repost it using the steps described here.

How can I edit, repost or delete my Ad from the site?
If you are a registered user, then click here to login to your account and edit or delete your Ad.  If you aren't a registered user, find your "Activate your Ad" email from eClassifieds4U that you got when you posted your Ad on the site. This email will have links to setup your account with us. If you've lost or deleted this email, click here and we will send it to you again.

How can I report any scam emails I receive?
If you get any suspicious emails from eClassifieds4U users, please forward them to eClassifieds4U's support email address at immediately. Remember that the best protection from scams is to buy and sell with people in your own city. And, as always, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

How can I contact the poster of an Ad?
Replying to an Ad is completely free. To contact the poster of an Ad, use the form on the right hand side of an Ad page. Enter your name, email address and a message. Then type in the verification number and click the "Send" button. The Ad poster will get the message sent to them by email and will respond to you directly via email.

Are Ads screened before they go on the site?
Unfortunately, we can't manually screen Ads since we get thousands of Ads posted on the site each day. If you see an Ad that looks to be Spam, Offensive, Miscategorized, or Illegal please flag it by clicking on the link on the bottom right side of the Ad page.

What should I do if I see an Ad that I think is spam, offensive, miscategorized or illegal?
If you see an Ad which you think is illegal, prohibited or otherwise a bad fit for the eClassifieds4U site, please flag it by clicking on "Report this Ad". Enter your name, email address and a message to explain why you consider this Ad as spam, offensive, miscategorized or illegal.

Why do I have to login to flag an Ad?
To avoid multiple time flagging of an Ad, we allow a user to flag an Ad only once. This prevents the abuse of the previledge to flag the ads and keeps the flagging of Ads reasonably accurate.

What is flagging and how does it help the community?
Since the eClassifieds4U team can not review the thousands of ads posted each day, our flagging tools enable the hundreds of thousands of eClassifieds4U users that visit the site each month to identify Ads that do not belong to the site. Once an Ad has enough flags, the eClassifieds4U team will act quickly to remove it. An Ad can be flagged for Spam, Miscategorized, Offensive, or Illegal. Click on "Report this Ad" in the lower right corner.

What recourse do I have if my transaction has gone bad or if I have been defrauded?
If you feel that your transaction with another eClassifieds4U user has gone bad or you have been cheated by a fraudulent Ad on the site, please let us know about it. If appropriate, you should contact the police to pursue criminal charges. Remember to trade locally and transact in-person to reduce the risk that your transaction will "go bad".

Does eClassifieds4U offer any type of mediation between buyers and sellers?
eClassifieds4U is a local platform to connect buyers and sellers. All transactions and the details of the transactions are completed between the two parties. At no time does eClassifieds4U get involved in these details or the transaction itself. We do not offer any types of verification of who a person is. If you have any questions or concerns about a transaction please contact the other party and do your best to resolve the situation between the two of you. If you feel you have been defrauded, contact your local police department.

Can I scalp tickets on eClassifieds4U?
Scalping tickets is against the law in many provinces. In those provinces, it is illegal to place this ad. Since we can not know the price of every ticket for every event in every city, we encourage the community to use the flagging tool to notify us when they see tickets violating this policy.

What is eClassifieds4U?
eClassifieds4U is a smart way to buy and sell. It is a person-to-person local community classified site. You can use the site to post and find Ads for computers, electronics, furniture, jobs, cars, pets, services, housing and much more. eClassifieds4U is simple to use, local, completely free, and lots of fun!

Is eClassifieds4U really free?
Yes, eClassifieds4U is completely free. This includes both placing an Ad and replying to an Ad. You will not be charged if your item sells through a posting on eClassifieds4U.

What are the benefits to optional registration?
We encourage users to register with us as there are several benefits of being a registered user including:

  • Ads from registered users are put on the site immediately (no need to confirm your email address again).
  • You do not have to enter your name, email address, city and postal code if you are logged in while placing a new ad.
  • Registered users can manage all their Ads from one place – My Account – including editing and deleting.
  • Registration is free and takes less than a minute. Register now.

What are "cookies" and why must they be enabled?
"Cookies" are small bits of text stored on your computer that are sent to our web site to identify you from other visitors. We use cookies for a variety of purposes such as remembering what city you live in, storing your saved ads, remembering your preferences and more. Please check your browser settings and make sure cookies are enabled when visiting eClassifieds4U.

What is my Account?
My Account is your personal page on eClassifieds4U. From this page, you can manage all your ads. You can edit/view/delete your ads and you can even repost your expired ads. Expired ads are kept upto 7 days so that you can repost them by just a click of a button.

How can I change my password?
Registered users can change their login password by clicking on "Change My Password" on left hand navigation menu on "My Account" page. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot my password" on "Login" page and follow the instructions there on.

How can I change my profile?
Registered users can change their profile by clicking on "My Profile" on left hand navigation menu on "My Account" page.

How do I report a bug I've encountered with the site?
If you encounter a bug when using eClassifieds4U, please contact us and tell us:

  • The web page address that the bug occurred on.
  • Anything you did that could have caused the bug.
  • What web browser, operating system, and Internet service provider you use.

How do I suggest a new feature?
We're constantly adding new features based upon the feedback in the Contact Us page, so please post your ideas there.

How do I change the city for which I am browsing the classified ads?
You can visit to change to the city for which you wish to browse the classified ads.

If you have a question that isn't answered in the above list, then please contact us.