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RA Dibbs is one of the leading Pest Inspection providers in Brisbane. Pest & Termites can cause great damage to houses and buildings and thereby reduce its value to a great extent. We provide leading Pest & Termite control measures with a 1 months protection guarantee & to ensure health and safety we use best quality Agsafe chemicals which do not harm food and farming industries.

Birds can cause problems around your house and business, they often carry fleas, lice, ticks, mites and other biting insects that cause serious health issues and spread common diseases. Our experienced bird management specialist will not only remove birds from your property but also ensure they cannot re-enter your home or business, or its surrounding areas.

Rodents include rats, mice, rabbits, feral cats etc. They multiply quickly and can cause health problems and household fires by gnawing on electrical cables. We provide a full rodent control and management solution to remove all rodents from your property and set up a management plan to ensure they never return.

Visit Our Store at Brisbane:

R. A. Dibbs & Sons Pvt Ltd

76 Pentex St, Salisbury QLD 4107

Call Us - 073 745709

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