Offering : Durable strategies to destroy nuisances & rodents in Queensland

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On the off chance that you do discover indications of a pervasion, quickly contact a proficient Rodent control in Brisbane. A rat exterminator will have the capacity to assess your home, affirm the species and prescribe a course of rodents control treatment.Since 1922 RA Dibbs have been spearheading the best, protected and dependable strategies to control and annihilate bugs and rodents like rats, birds,feral cats& White Ant etc. in Queensland.Contingent upon your nuisance issue and zone to be dealt with we can give a custom arrangement and statement that will destroy all vermin and rodents, while keeping up a protected and solid condition for all tenants & offer a 20% rebate when you combine our pest control and termite inspection services. What's more, give a year guarantee against roach and silverfish invasion.

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RA Dibbs & Sons Pty Ltd.

76 Pentex St,
Salisbury QLD 4107

Call @(07) 3274 5709

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